Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Experience with It Works The Ultimate Body Applicator

I was asked to try out The Ultimate Body Applicator by one of my fans, Linda. I was very skeptical and let her know right away that I make sure to always be honest in my reviews, and if she was ok with that than I would be happy to review the product. Linda said she is a firm believer in these products and she knew that I would have success, making me feel a little better about the process. I have,  like a lot of moms out there, issues with my "baby pooch" and that general area, and was so excited when I read the info on this wrap. I also have just recently lost 33lbs, and counting, and have issues with sagging skin, so I was very hopeful!

What came in my package from Linda:
Packet of information about the company and all the different products available, as well as instructions for application.
The applicator (wrap)
A measuring chart to track results
A measuring tape (which was pink!) to track inches lost
A tall tumbler (to make sure you drink LOTS of water)

After reading through the instructions carefully, and taking starting measurements I applied the wrap to my stomach, and lower belly. I wore a sports bra and tight tank top to make sure it stayed in place.  While wearing the wrap, at first I noticed a slight tingling, not burning, sensation. It had a faint smell but nothing offensive. I went about my daily activities, but nothing too strenuous, so as not to loosen the wrap. I wore it for 45 minutes, which is recommended for your first application to make sure you don't have any sort of reaction, which I did not. After I was done I took the remaining "film" left on my stomach, after removing the applicator, and rubbed it into my skin in circular motions, per the instructions. Then measured again. I continued to measure every 24 hours until 72 hours. 

Results after 45 minutes:
upper stomach- no inches lost
middle stomach- 1/2"
lower stomach- 1/4"

24 Hours Results:
upper- 1/2" more
middle- 1/2" more
lower- 1/2" more

48 Hours Results:
upper- no more inches lost
middle- no more inches lost
lower- no more inches lost

72 Hours Results:
upper- 1/2" more
middle- 1" more
lower- 1/2" more

So in the end my total inches lost were:
upper- 1"
middle- 2"
lower- 1 1/4"
Total inches lost- 4 1/4"

I was very impressed with the end results, my sagging skin looked a little more toned and smooth. I was also impressed with the results on my middle and lower stomach. Now, this was only one application, and I did this wrap about 3 weeks ago, so the results didn't really last for me, stomach is still saggy and back to original measurements. But, the info I received did mention that the results are progressive, the more treatments you do the more smooth, younger, toned, and tightened your skin will be. They recommend you do a once a week application to get continuous, progressive results and ongoing maintenance. I am definitely thinking of purchasing more when I hit my goal weight to help with the loose skin. I also think this might be a great idea if there is a special occasion you want to fit into that special outfit for, just do it a few days before because I had my best results at 72 hours after application. 

The retail price for the Ultimate Body Applicator is $99 for 4 applications, so about $25 per wrap. But they offer a "Loyal Customer" program that offers 45% off on all your orders, and 10% back on every purchase in Perks Points.

For more information on prices, products, and the Loyal Customer program contact Linda at 636-399-6647.

So overall I was very pleased with my results, 4 1/4" is a big difference! Thanks Linda for introducing me to this product!

Monday, April 23, 2012

E.L.F Favorites!

I have a variety of ELF products in my collection, but I wanted to focus this post on some of my favorites, ones that I will definitely be repurchasing.

My first favorite is the ELF Eyelid Primer. This primer helps prep your eyelids for a longer lasting, crease proof eyeshadow. The primer absorbs quickly and really helps to smooth out the eyelid for eyeshadow application. This is one of my very favorite ELF products, and at only $1,  I have and will repurchase this one!

My next fave is the ELF Powder Brush. I just recently purchased this brush after watching a lot of youtube videos on it, and I must say that I am sorry I waited so long to try it. You can use this brush with wet or dry products. I love to use this with my liquid foundation. I stipple the foundation on and then buff it in for an almost airbrushed finish. This is a synthetic haired Taklon brush that is antibacterial, more absorbent, and so soft. At only $3, I am really loving this brush!!

The next one on my fave list is the Matte Lip Color in Nearly Nude. This is perfect for a soft nude lip! I love to apply this to my lips and then my Physicians Formula lip plumping Potion in Crystal Pink. This is the perfect combo. I don't like this on its own, because it is matte, but with a gloss over it, it is amazing and at only $3 it is a great bargain!!
The last on my list is the ELF High Definition Powder. This powder is a translucent loose powder that creates a "soft focus" effect on the skin. It helps to mask fine lines and minor imperfections of the skin to give a smooth glowing finish. I have read in some reviews that if you have a olive or dark skin complexion that this can give you an almost "white overcast," but I have very fair skin and have not experienced this. They do have two new colors: Shimmer and Corrective Yellow, but I have not tried these yet. I think for $6 I will be repurchasing this one!

These are only a few of my favorites, I will do another post soon with some more of my faves  so keep an eye out!! :)