Thursday, May 12, 2016

DIY Jewelry Holder Out of a Salad Bowl!!

When I got the chance to try the new Spicy Southwest Salad from Chick-fil-A I was excited because I LOVE spicy food! This salad was the perfect combo of spicy, crunchy, tangy, and just plain satisfying! I actually had to split the salad with my husband because it was so substantial. But, this post is NOT about that amazing salad! I want to show you how I upcycled the salad container into a "snazzy" jewelry holder/tower. I started out with the container and a paper towel roll that I cut in half.

I started by hot gluing the half of the paper towel tube to the bottom inside of the bottom of the bowl in the center. Then, I hot glued the lid upside down to the top of the tube, trying to get it as close to center as I could. After that, I sprayed the entire thing with white spray paint. I added some embellishments with white ribbon around the tube and crystal beads along the bottom of the tube. I also took the other half of the paper towel tube and cut it in half length wise to have a rounded area to display my bracelets. I hot glued that into the center of the "Chick-fil-A" square on the lid. I painted this part gold and also the rims of both the bottom and top. I also added gold and pearl/crystal bead embellishments along the top and bottom parts of the bowl. Then, I just filled it with my favorite jewelry, draping the bracelets on top of the new display and hanging my long earrings on the outer rim of the lid. This is a fun and functional way to personalize and organize your jewelry! I hope you enjoyed my DIY! :) #chickfilamomsDIY