Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter/Cold Weather Hair Tips

The dry and cold winter weather can be very damaging to your hair. Because of the dry indoor heating and the dry cold weather outside hair easily becomes dry during this time of year. To ensure that your hair does not get damaged proper preventative steps should be taken during this season. During the winter months, many people have dry, dull, brittle, or hair. The tips below will help you keep your hair more healthy during winter months.

-Shampoo your hair less often. In cold weather, both the hair and scalp dry out more easily. Try not to shampoo your hair more than once a day. One of the most common mistakes people make is shampooing their hair too often, depleting your scalp of its necessary oils.

-Static. An easy way to combat static is to spray a small amount of hair spray on your hairbrush when you are done styling and brush it through from top to bottom. Another way is to lightly rub a dryer sheet over the surface of your hair after styling. This also makes your hair smell good! :)

-Try to use your blowdryer less often. This is one to remember all year round. Overusing your hairdryer will contribute to dry damaged hair. Try to blow dry your hair as little as possible. When you use your hairdryer, try using the 'cool' setting. Drying your hair with cool air may take a little longer but it will do less damage to your hair.

-A leave-in conditioner will work wonders for dry and brittle hair. Also make sure to deep condition once a week for really dry brittle hair.

-Wear a scarf, hat or cap to protect your hair from the cold and wind. Make sure the scarf, hat or cap is not so tight that it will restrict circulation in your scalp. Wear caps with care. Continually wearing hats can lead to overworked sebaceous glands, resulting in limp, greasy locks, so wear caps with care.

  • -Lock in hair moisture by running your hair through cold water.

  • -Limit your use of curling irons/flat irons. If you do use heating tools, make sure to use a heat protectant spray first to limit damage to the hair.

  • -Shampoo your hair in warm or cool water, hot water can be very drying to the hair and scalp.

Thanks MamasHealth!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to "Makeover" a Synthetic Wig

Synthetic wigs or hairpieces can be appealing to a lot of people because it is cheaper than human hair. However, you don't really have too many options when it comes to changing the style of the wig, like straightening or curling it. UNTIL NOW!! I was searching on youtube for ways to "change" my synthetic wig, which was way too curly and shiny, and found a few options. I'm going to take you through the process of my favorite method right now with pictures I took of my own wig. 


Notice how curly and shiny the wig is?

Hang the wig in a tub or over a sink, to catch the water. Put a pot of water on the stove to boil. Take the water off right before it boils, when little bubbles start to appear on the bottom of the pot.

The water is not boiling, but little bubbles are starting to form.
I put 2 pots of water on so that while I am using the first one, the other one is getting hot.

Next SLOWLY and CAREFULLY pour the hot water over the hair. You will need to do this process a couple times to make sure all the hair is saturated all the way through. If you are nervous to try this on the whole thing, try it on a small section of the hair first just to reassure yourself it won't melt.

I did this step 3 times. This is it after I finger combed it and hung it to dry.

Allow the wig to dry, finger combing it a few times as it dries. Notice how straight the wig is now?! The more times you pour hot water on the hair, the straighter it will get. I did it 3 times and my wig still has a little flip to the ends, which I like.


The result? A curly mess into a straight wig worth wearing!! Another tip, is to spray a dry shampoo through the wig, or even use baby powder for lighter wigs, and that will help remove some of the shine!

I hope this helps you to transform your synthetic wig!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cheyenne's Designs Mineral Makeup Review

I was so excited to get my package from Cheyenne's Designs! I received the Mineral Kit #1. Here is what is included in this kit:

1 foundation
1 blush
1 setting powder 
3 mineral eyeshadows

I got my foundation in Moonkissed for fair-light. This has pink undertones and has a slight shimmer.This foundation has great coverage and really makes your skin look great! 

MV Setting Powder- sets foundation and absorbs oils throughout the day without making skin dry. This really helped hold my makeup in place. I even used it to set my liquid foundation, and it worked beautifully.

I got my blush in Alluring which is actually a light pink highlighter. It has just the right amount of shimmer. If you have a darker skin tone, I would recommend getting a darker shade of blush, I am fair and I use this as a highlighter for my cheekbones.

For my eyeshadows I got: Pixie MeMe Purple- a lavender with a slight shimmer. This is a beautiful light purple.

Bright Eyes- white shimmer/highlighter. This is an amazing highlighter for just under the brow bone, in the inner tear duct of the eye, and even along the cheekbones. It really catches the light and brings a beautiful glow wherever applied.

Champagne- light pink bronze with brown undertones and sparkle. This is my favorite thing in the whole kit! I love the color and appearance of this shadow on my eyelids! It is the perfect champagne color. I got compliments on how blue/green my eyes looked while I was wearing this shadow. I have worn it everyday since I got my package, with browns, pinks, and even black smokey eye looks! This one is a "MUST HAVE."

I just applied my moisturizer/base to my face first. Second I applied a little concealer to my under eyes, but it is not needed, then I applied the Moonkissed foundation with a kabuki brush in circular motions all over my face. I then applied a little of my own blush to my cheeks and then the MV setting powder with a large fluffy brush. I then used the Alluring blush/highlighter to highlight my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose, and little of my own bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks. I really enjoyed the way my skin looked and felt while wearing these products. My skin feels great after wearing them, not oily, dry, and no breakouts. I have very sensitive skin, so no breakouts is an amazing thing for me! I will say this again, my very favorite product in the whole kit is the Champagne eyeshadow shade! This is a beautiful color!

Debbie is really amazing at what she does! She grinds the minerals herself to make her own, never repackaged from other companies, shades! She even offers $1 samples so that you can make sure you get the right foundation shade before buying the full priced package. Oh, and shipping is FREE!! You can check her out here: Cheyenne's Designs.

I really loved these mineral products, and I know you will too!!!

I received these products, but these opinions are my own, professionally based opinions. I was in no way compensated for this review, other than receiving the kit to try and review.

Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions Waterproof-Review

For someone with short and blonde eyelashes, a great mascara is a must! I have seen and heard a lot about Maybeline XXL Pro Extensions Waterproof mascara on Youtube, and decided to try it out myself. This is a two step process mascara. Step #1 is white, and is applied just like regular mascara. This step is supposed to unlock unruly lashes and lock them into place. Step #2 is to apply the waterproof top coat to extend and lengthen the lashes. I found this very easy to apply, my one complaint about application is that if you have curled your lashes prior to application, which most of us do, you want to be careful that  your lashes don't hit the top of your lid, leaving black dots on your nice eyeshadow job.

This mascara definitely gave me longer fuller looking lashes! My lashes have actually grown quite a bit in the last couple of months, due to a new eyelash conditioner I will be reviewing later, and this mascara really made them look quite beautiful.This mascara almost gives my lashes the appearance of false lashes, especially since I am used to blonde short lashes. It is certainly waterproof, I had to use my eye makeup remover 2 times to make sure it was all off. Which brings me to my next point, if you don't get all of the mascara off from the last application and apply the mascara as normal, you may have some clumping or "spider leg" appearance to your lashes. Some people are ok with this look, the eyelashes seem fuller, but I am not so I just make sure I get it all off at night.

This mascara also lasts a long time. I have fallen asleep in this mascara and woken up with beautiful lashes in the morning! :) Overall, I really enjoy the way this mascara makes my lashes look!

Bottom line- I will continue to use this mascara and purchase it again. Hope this helps!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Free John Frieda Haircolor

Go HERE and take a quick survey to see if you qualify for a FREE box of John Freida haircolor! Click on the Get Special Offer tab! :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Dollar Store Beauty Finds!!

We all know beauty can get expensive, but have you been to your local dollar store lately? There are some "hidden" treasures to be found! I just want to share some of the great things I found at my Dollar Tree that I have been using and loving. Best part? Each thing I am going to tell you about was $1!

Turbo Twist Towel (imitation)
I LOVE this towel! I always thought this was a silly invention, it does what a normal towel does, right?
NO! This towel is small and cone shaped so it isn't heavy or bulky on your head. Not to mention, the button on the back holds the end of the towel and keeps it from falling off your head or whacking you in the eye. If you have really long hair, not sure how this would work, I have below shoulder length hair and it works great, but for $1 it is worth a shot! I also love that it is made of microfiber! This helps absorb most of the moisture from the hair, cutting down on styling time. I like to put mine on right out of the shower, apply my makeup, and then take it out. By this time my hair is damp, not dripping wet. Great deal for $1!!

Nail Polish- LA Colors
This brand can be found at most Dollar Trees. I can never wear nail polish very long, busy mom and hairstylist who always has hands in water, but this nail polish actually held up very well. I love all the fun and unique color options they have. There are also small bottles with fine brushes for doing nail art. Overall, great deal!

Strap Perfect (imitation)
Even though this is not the original Strap Perfect (like one pictured), it is amazing! The pack comes with 8 total bra strap clips, 2 black, 2 white, 2 clear, and 2 cream!! This really does help hold your bra straps in place to be hidden. It also does "lift" the cleavage!! My only problem was that, even with the strap loosened all the way down, on some of my bras it makes them feel a little snug around my back. This is not really a problem, but wanted to give you a heads up in case you wanted to use it on a bra that is already a little snug. Great deal!

These are just 3 that I found on my last dollar store trip, there are many more! I hope to share more dollar store finds with you from my next trip. Happy bargain beauty hunting!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pantene Split End Repair- Stay Tuned!

I just received a bottle of Pantene Split End Repair Keratin Protection Creme in the mail. I can't wait to try it and tell you guys what I think. It claims to "bind existing split ends with one use." I am very skeptical as to how well this will work, being from the "old school" understanding that the only way to "fix" a split end is to trim it! My hair is pretty dry and brittle, so I can't wait to share my thoughts with you guys!! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GIVEAWAY!!! Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool! Open Internationally!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Egg Hair Mask!

This mask will help restore your hair's moisture and protein, and all these ingredients can be found in your kitchen!

1 egg
1 tsp Olive Oil
1 tbs Mayo

Take all the ingredients and whip them until the mixture is a little creamy, I added the Mayo because it helped make the mixture more creamy, Mayo is just egg and oil anyway.  Apply this mixture to dry hair for the best results. I used a plastic bag to wrap my hair in, but if you have a plastic shower cap that would work best. The heat from your scalp will cause this to drip, so have a tissue or towel ready.  Let it sit on your hair for about 15-20 mins and then wash with a mild shampoo and finish with conditioner. Style as usual.

The egg in this mask helps restore protein and the olive oil helps restore moisture! This is good for all hair types and lengths.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Natural Looking Sunless Tanner With Sun Labs!

I received a gift set from Sun Labs a few months ago to try out, and I have been using it off and on for those few months to really get a "feel" for the product so that I could give my honest opinion. 

I really enjoy using this product! First, you always want to exfoliate before you self tan, and this package comes with a great, minty smelling, exfoliator and loofah! Second, the actual self tanner smells like cherries! I didn't notice a "self tanner smell" until a few hours later, but it was a pretty typical smell, nothing worse than I have used before. I usually self tan at night and shower in the morning to remove any smell.  The self tanner is a very dark green/brown color when applying. I enjoyed this because I could always see where I missed or had too much product. It also dries pretty quickly, which is also good because you can get dressed relatively quick afterwords.

I really like the color I get from this self tanner. I don't feel orange, or oompah loompah looking! I feel like it is a very natural looking tan. I have very fair skin, almost porcelain, but not quite, and I used the dark, I think dark is good for anyone, it doesn't make you too dark or orange.  I also like the way this fades, no funny white patches or streaking when it fades.

I had only one problem area in all the times I used this product, over 8 times, and that was my ankle right above my foot. I didn't exfoliate the way I should have, and ended up with a patch of dark skin. So remember to always EXFOLIATE! :)

The lotion that comes with this set is good too, it helps your tan to last longer by moisturizing the skin. It is the only thing in the kit that I probably wouldn't repurchase, and that is because I feel it is just a good lotion, and I have my own favorite lotions that I apply to my skin after self tanning.
This set retails for $39.95 on their site, and it comes with a loofah and a tote bag.  Go here to look at the package deal.  I think I will probably just buy the self tanning product the next time, I still have exfoliator left over and plenty of lotion.

I really enjoy this product, and I hope you will too! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Haircare Tips

Summer time means lots of great things: sun, pools, the beach, outdoor sports, but it also means our hair can become very damaged and dry. Because of our sun exposure during the summer our hair can become dry, the color can fade, and it can get that "straw" feeling.
These are a few tips to remember to keep your hair healthy this summer! 

1) Keep your hair conditioned before you go into a chlorine pool. If you apply a conditioner or even just saturate your hair with water, like tap or bottled water, your hair will not absorb as much, if any, of the chlorine from the pool. This will help keep the hair from drying out from the chlorine.

2) Remember the skin on your scalp! Always apply sunscreen to the edges of you scalp and down your part if the hair is parted, this will help so that your scalp will not get sunburned! If you have a drastic part, like you are wearing pigtails, really spray the part well with sunscreen.

3) Apply a conditioner before you go into the sun for long periods of time to help put a "barrier" between your hair and the sun. This will help with color fading and drying of the hair and it will give you a good deep conditioning! :)

4) Try to wear your hair in a  loose braid or in a loose bun so that you aren't putting too much stress in the same area over and over when your hair is wet.  

5)Try not to wear a tight ponytail too often to avoid breakage in the same area as the hair tie. Also try o use a soft hair tie that does not have metal to help with breakage.

6) If you want to lighten your hair a little try a little squirt of lemon juice in a bottle of water with a little bit of conditioner, shake and spray on hair before going in the sun. Lemon juice can be drying so make sure to condition well afterwards!
These are just  a few things to remember this summer to help keep your hair in it's best shape!! Have a fun summer!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Make Your Makeup Last Longer!

I have never really used a makeup primer, never knew the benefits of using one, but decided to give one a try. I purchased the Claudia Stevens Facial Prep Foundation Base at Sally's Beauty Supply.

This was about $5 and has lasted me about 2 months so far. I put on a moisturizer, if I remember, and then apply just a small pea sized amount to my face using my fingers.

Here are some of the benefits I have noticed while using a primer for my makeup:
1) Helps my makeup stay "fresh" longer, it really helps it last!
2) Helps smooth out my skin so that I get a smoother overall look after applying my makeup.
3) It doesn't take as much foundation as usual, it really helps me to "stretch" my foundation.
4) The makeup just "glides" on!
5) I feel like it actually helps my foundation give me better coverage.

I really enjoy the texture of this product as well. It is hard to explain but I will try. It is not a lotion, more like a gel, but not cool like a gel, if that makes sense. :)  There is also little-no scent with this particular primer, so smell sensitivity should not be a problem.
I have very sensitive, dry/normal skin and I have had no issues while using this primer. No breakouts, no rash, and no itchy blotches, which happens when I use some of the Name Brand primers and skin care lines.

I really hope this helps to make your makeup last all day!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Suave Professionals Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream Review

I recently tried the Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo and I really love it,so I decided to try another product in this Professionals line. I decided on the Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream. I really like the smell of this product, as well as its texture, it is not too thick or greasy feeling.

You apply just a small amount, like a nickel sized drop, into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together and work product through all your fingers. Then apply to the ends of your hair, where hair tends to be driest and frizziest, and then work remainder of the product through to the top of your hair. Avoid putting too much product on your root area, this can cause your hair to look greasy or dirty.
You can apply this to damp or even dry hair. I actually like to put a little on while it is damp and then a little more, just on ends, after my hair is dry to help really tame the frizz. I have very frizzy, coarse hair so I can get a way with more product, if you have thin or fine hair, just go with a little bit.

Overall, I really recommend this product if you are fighting frizz. It really helps! Just remember that it does have a scent, not overwhelming, but if you are sensitive to scents, smell it before you buy it. Hope this helps!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Free John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Care sample

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Monday, July 18, 2011

New Obsession/Hobby! Duct Tape Wallets!

My newest hobby is making duct tape wallets! They are fun, extremely durable, and compact!
Here is my favorite so far! Can't go wrong with Hello Kitty!

Go Gators!!!

Inside view: 3 credit card slots on left and an ID window on right, money pocket,  and secret pocket behind ID window.

These are so much fun to make and own! There are so many new duct tape patterns available now that anything is possible!

Hot New Nail Trend!

Whats the newest trend in nails? Here is a hint:

These are my nails. Timestamp is wrong! LOL!

Did you get it? The hot new nail trend is to paint one nail on each hand a different color than the rest! This trend has been spotted on a lot of beauty gurus on youtube, as well as a lot of celebrities. If you look very closely you can see Beyonce sporting a bright blue contrasting nail, cute huh?!

 So wether you paint it a different color or decide to make a design, have fun with it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kiss Artificial Nails

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ULTA: Free Shampoo, Blowout, and Style (July 6-7, 2011)

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The CreaClip in Action!!

Here are a few pictures taken this weekend trying out my CreaClip! There will be a video and after shots coming soon!!

This is how I received my CreaClip.

These were the instructions that came in the package.

We ended up taking off about 7 inches and adding lots of layers, this was a true "transformation!"

 This is my hair, ended up cutting about 2 inches off and adding lots of layers!

Can't wait to let you all know what I thought about this product and show you some "after" photos!