Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ninja Coffee Bar Review

To say that I love coffee is an understatement! But as a stay at home mom, homeschool teacher, and one income family, I simply cannot afford to indulge my coffee addiction by frequenting the big chain coffee houses and paying about $5 per cup! Our family is no stranger to the different coffee machines available. We have tried so many, from Kuerig to Tassimo, and while we enjoy the ease of use and quick nature of these types of machines, the costs for the pods and cups was becoming pricey for us "multiple cups a day" drinkers. So, when I had the oppurtunity to test out the new Ninja Coffee Bar, I jumped at the chance! So, here goes, what I really think about the Ninja Coffee Bar.

First of all, upon receiving my Coffee Bar and unboxing it, I couldn't help but notice all the extras that came with it! Not only do you get the machine itself, but also a carafe, tumbler, coffee measuring scoop, milk frother, and a recipe book filled with so many yummy coffee creations!

The set up and getting started were super simple, and I loved how easy it was to read the directions and manual.

Now let us talk about the features and performance of this machine. You can brew a cup, travel mug, half carafe, and full carafe, all by the twist of the dial on the front of the machine! So easy! I love this function, because I can control how much or how little coffee I make, and can make enough for company or just myself. All you need to do is lower the attached "stand" for mugs, and then fold it up when you want to use a travel mug or carafe. Another feature that I love, and that you wont find in many of the other pod/cup type machines, is the "drip stop" button. This allows you to stop the machine mid brew, even if only brewing a cup. Which was great for me because I didn't know quite what to expect from the first cup I brewed and needed a larger mug, so I simply used the stop drip function and was able to replace the mug and continue brewing with no problems. And this machine is fast. Did I mention it is fast? Because it is, and to coffee lovers like me, that is priceless!  

This machine also offers a variety of brewing options. There is Classic Brew which gives a smooth rich flavor, Rich Brew which is richer than the Classic and gives more intense flavor so you can add you favorite flavorings or milk and not lose the flavor of the coffee. Then you have Over Ice Brew which gives even more richness by increasing the coffee concentration to make up for melting ice so you don't get that watered down iced coffee mess! And lastly you have the Specialty Brew setting which gives the highest concentration of coffee. It is like a coffee extract that you can use much like espresso to make layered drinks like the coffee house ones. My favorite is the Rich Brew, and this tends to be my daily brewing setting. I find it is the perfect amount of boldness to match with my cream and sugar without being overly bitter or strong.

Another feature is the Delay Brew setting. This allows you to set a time for your machine to brew and is perfect if you are short on time in the mornings. You just load it with the necessary amount of ground coffee and set the timer, that's it! It will be ready for you when you programmed it for. And the Stay Warm function keeps the bottom plate warm for the carafe so that your coffee stays warm until you can get to it. 

So, what is my favorite feature of this machine? The fact that I can use my favorite ground coffee and still have quick, easy, delicious coffee! No more wasted money on pods and cups that can only be used for their designated machine. Not to mention the amount of waste I am saving from the pods and cups that are left over. This machine has truly made my mornings quicker, more time efficient, and yummier!!! I recommend this Ninja Coffee Bar to anyone who likes quick and delicious coffee!

And while I received this product for free in exchange for my HONEST review, that does not change any of my opinions of this machine. I have enjoyed this machine, and look forward to using the book of recipes to make some awesome "coffee house" inspired drinks!