Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our Disney Side @Home Celebration!!

When I found out that I was chosen to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration, hosted by (you guessed it)  DISNEY,  I was ecstatic! That excitement was heightened when I found out my sister/best friend also was chosen! We have had some illnesses running through our families, like most people right now, and it was just going to be too difficult to throw 2 separately amazing parties, so we decided to join forces for one amazing celebration. *We were sent these things by Disney so we could throw a party showing our Disney Side, but all the opinions are my own!!

First of all, lets discuss decorations. We were sent everything we would need to throw an amazing party, balloons, tablecloths, plates, napkins, and decorations. Being the party people we are though, we decided to add a little more flare to the party! We used the Run Disney posters they sent us to make signs directing guests which way to go:

First, and most importantly, the bathroom!

That way to the Ping-Pong table!! 

Make your own Mickey Pizza that way!

We then decided to add a backdrop for fun picture taking! We had props, and a small Olaf for everyone to take pics with!

Mickey backdrop was bought at our local party store for $6.

The props were printed from online and taped to skewers.

Some of the adults were even caught taking "selfies" in front of the photo spot!! :)

All in all the props and photo spot were a great success! I am not showing the kids pics out of respect for all the parents' wishes, but they had even more fun than the adults!

Now, lets talk about food and goodies!!! Disney sent us some Craisins. We decided to stick with the healthy theme, only a little bit ;) so when we were sent some amazing product coupons from Crunch Pak we decided to use those as well.  The kids loved the apples and caramel sauce! Plus, Crunch Pak offers the cutest healthiest little Mickey Mouse shaped pack of apples, grapes, and cheese. We love to get these for the little ones when we go to Disney! We also had chicken rollups, deviled eggs, chocolate covered strawberries and salad.  And of course we had some Mickey and Minnie inspired cupcakes and flan for the more "grown up" tastes.

Close up of the cupcake table.

Cupcake table! 

Yummy craisins, apples, salad, and chicken rollups!

Chips, chocolate strawberries, deviled eggs, and flan! Oh my!!

But, the main event and dish was the "make your own" Mickey shaped pizzas. The kids were able to customize their own individual pizza at our Pizza Planet Kitchen! The kids loved being able to get messy and control what went on their pizza!

Making their own pizza!

Going into the oven.

Decorating their pizza box while they cook!

We ended the night with a movie under the stars! We watched Frozen from my brother-in-laws projector, and the kids loved seeing it so big on the side of the house! It felt like a drive in, right in our backyard. And then, there were gifts and goodies handed out from the "Mike Gift Bag!"

Mike brought goodies for everyone!!

So, as you can see, we had an amazing Disney Side @Home Celebration! I would love to thank all the sponsors, Disney,  HP, American Tourister, Crunch Pak, and Maria Bailey!!! Thanks for making our party such a success!