Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Experience with It Works The Ultimate Body Applicator

I was asked to try out The Ultimate Body Applicator by one of my fans, Linda. I was very skeptical and let her know right away that I make sure to always be honest in my reviews, and if she was ok with that than I would be happy to review the product. Linda said she is a firm believer in these products and she knew that I would have success, making me feel a little better about the process. I have,  like a lot of moms out there, issues with my "baby pooch" and that general area, and was so excited when I read the info on this wrap. I also have just recently lost 33lbs, and counting, and have issues with sagging skin, so I was very hopeful!

What came in my package from Linda:
Packet of information about the company and all the different products available, as well as instructions for application.
The applicator (wrap)
A measuring chart to track results
A measuring tape (which was pink!) to track inches lost
A tall tumbler (to make sure you drink LOTS of water)

After reading through the instructions carefully, and taking starting measurements I applied the wrap to my stomach, and lower belly. I wore a sports bra and tight tank top to make sure it stayed in place.  While wearing the wrap, at first I noticed a slight tingling, not burning, sensation. It had a faint smell but nothing offensive. I went about my daily activities, but nothing too strenuous, so as not to loosen the wrap. I wore it for 45 minutes, which is recommended for your first application to make sure you don't have any sort of reaction, which I did not. After I was done I took the remaining "film" left on my stomach, after removing the applicator, and rubbed it into my skin in circular motions, per the instructions. Then measured again. I continued to measure every 24 hours until 72 hours. 

Results after 45 minutes:
upper stomach- no inches lost
middle stomach- 1/2"
lower stomach- 1/4"

24 Hours Results:
upper- 1/2" more
middle- 1/2" more
lower- 1/2" more

48 Hours Results:
upper- no more inches lost
middle- no more inches lost
lower- no more inches lost

72 Hours Results:
upper- 1/2" more
middle- 1" more
lower- 1/2" more

So in the end my total inches lost were:
upper- 1"
middle- 2"
lower- 1 1/4"
Total inches lost- 4 1/4"

I was very impressed with the end results, my sagging skin looked a little more toned and smooth. I was also impressed with the results on my middle and lower stomach. Now, this was only one application, and I did this wrap about 3 weeks ago, so the results didn't really last for me, stomach is still saggy and back to original measurements. But, the info I received did mention that the results are progressive, the more treatments you do the more smooth, younger, toned, and tightened your skin will be. They recommend you do a once a week application to get continuous, progressive results and ongoing maintenance. I am definitely thinking of purchasing more when I hit my goal weight to help with the loose skin. I also think this might be a great idea if there is a special occasion you want to fit into that special outfit for, just do it a few days before because I had my best results at 72 hours after application. 

The retail price for the Ultimate Body Applicator is $99 for 4 applications, so about $25 per wrap. But they offer a "Loyal Customer" program that offers 45% off on all your orders, and 10% back on every purchase in Perks Points.

For more information on prices, products, and the Loyal Customer program contact Linda at 636-399-6647.

So overall I was very pleased with my results, 4 1/4" is a big difference! Thanks Linda for introducing me to this product!