Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beauty Uses for Olive Oil! Inexpensive and effective.

Ways to Use Olive Oil

1) Makeup Removal- If your run out of your favorite makeup remover or want a more natural alternative, give olive oil a try! Use it at night and it leaves a thin layer of oil to nourish your skin all night long. Just dab a cotton ball into a small amount and wipe away even the toughest makeup.

2) Shaving Cream- For removing unwanted hair from your arms and legs, or anywhere you would use shaving cream, just apply some olive oil and glide the razor for a smoother shave. Shaving helps exfoliate the skin and get rid of superfluous hair and the olive oil will nourish and lubricate it.

3)Chapped Lips- For dry chapped lips, apply a little olive oil over them. It is edible and will help heal and lubricate your lips.

4)Dry Brittle Nails- If your nails are dry and brittle, just soak them in a cup of olive oil and they will be strengthened and moisturized. If your nails are stained add a few drops of lemon juice to the olive oil.

5)Exfoliator- For soft, touchable skin mix a cup of sugar, a 1/2 cup of olive oil (for runnier consistency), and a teaspoon of vanilla extract (for help covering olive oil smell) and use this mixture as an exfoliator in the shower. If you want a thicker scrub, use less olive oil.

6)Sea Salt Hair Scrunching Spray- This is by far my favorite use for olive oil!
Empty Spray Bottle
½ or ¾ of teaspoon Olive Oil
1 tablespoon of Sea Salt
½ teaspoon of Non-Aerosol hairspray or Lemon juice
Just mix all ingredients and shake bottle well until salt is dissolved. The oil will add shine to your hair and bounce to your hair, the seasalt is what does the drying out to make the waves, and the lemon juice provides hold.
Be careful because lemon juice can cause lightening of the hair when in the sun.

There are so many uses for olive oil, and these are just a few of the great ways you can add them to your beauty routine!!


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