Friday, June 17, 2011

Huge Hair Trend, FLOWERS!!

The hot trend right now in hair is flowers! Wether it is on a clip, headband, bobby pin, or just stuck in, everyone is adding a little flower power to their hairstyles! A flower can add a little touch of chic to any do. By just adding a flower, or bow for that matter, you can take a ponytail to a chic updo.

This is personally one of my favorite trends! I really like the idea of having the beachy waves, so popular for the summer, and a bright flower sweeping the hair up on one side. This gives you a great summer look with little effort.

Samantha Schuerman, one of my favorite youtube beauty gurus, always has one in her hair. She does makeup/hair tutorials and reviews, and really shows how by just adding a hair accessory you can turn any do into an "updo."

Click: here for her youtube video about one of her favorite hair flower ladies!

One of her "go-to" hair flower ladies is Laynie Bug Designs by Melissa Blair. Here is the link to her facebook page. She has some really amazing flowers for your hair! I really like all the rosette headbands, so many chic colors and patterns! The satin flowers are so elegant and charming and would really add some drama to any hairstyle.

I really like to have a little volume in the crown and throw on a flower that is on a headband to really look polished. So wether you have a ponytail, a bun, straight hair, curly hair, wear it up or down, add a little flower to your hair for a huge impact!!


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