Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot New Nail Trend!

Whats the newest trend in nails? Here is a hint:

These are my nails. Timestamp is wrong! LOL!

Did you get it? The hot new nail trend is to paint one nail on each hand a different color than the rest! This trend has been spotted on a lot of beauty gurus on youtube, as well as a lot of celebrities. If you look very closely you can see Beyonce sporting a bright blue contrasting nail, cute huh?!

 So wether you paint it a different color or decide to make a design, have fun with it!


  1. Great post! Love the nail jewelry on the one photo!
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  2. Do you know where you happened to find that silver nail jewelry? I want one!
    style decor 1 at gmail dot com

  3. interesting

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