Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The CreaClip in Action!!

Here are a few pictures taken this weekend trying out my CreaClip! There will be a video and after shots coming soon!!

This is how I received my CreaClip.

These were the instructions that came in the package.

We ended up taking off about 7 inches and adding lots of layers, this was a true "transformation!"

 This is my hair, ended up cutting about 2 inches off and adding lots of layers!

Can't wait to let you all know what I thought about this product and show you some "after" photos! 


  1. I'm curious to see the after shots and hear what you thought of the clip.

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  2. Oh how I wish you were close by! I have hair past my butt! Haven't done anything with it for a while. This is really neat though.

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  5. Stumbled! The idea of cutting my own hair (or someone else's for that matter) terrifies me!

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  7. Hi. New follower form "Who in the World Wednesday Bloghop". I never have good luck at salon's (they always cut off too much and don't listen) so I am very curious to read your review of this product!

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  8. not quite sure what this is, but i'm intrigued!! assume it helps to cut hair?? if so, i'm interested, lol!

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