Thursday, April 6, 2017

LEGOLAND Orlando Fun and Review

As part of our "Family Anniversary" this year, we decided to take the kids to LEGOLAND. My 6 year old son is pretty much obsessed with all forms of Legos, so this was a no brainier. My 8 year old daughter likes them as well, so we knew this would be a hit. We stayed at the LegoLand Hotel the night previous to our park visit, keep an eye out for my complete review of the resort soon, so we were able to get in early to the park and walk directly from our room to the park entrance. The amount of Lego sculptures throughout the park is astounding, and my kids couldn't get enough! In fact, they asked for a picture next to almost every sculpture we passed, so be ready to take lots of pictures. Miniland USA was filled with cities and famous buildings made out of, you guessed it, Legos! They also had some pretty awesome Star Wars scenes and characters as well. This was a family favorite, as we are definitely Star Wars fans.

 I was told by some people that the park is more geared towards little children, so I must admit that I was worried about my daughter and husband having a good time. This was NEVER an issue. Yes, there were some tamer rides for little ones, but we also enjoyed the more "wild" ones as well. The whole family's favorite ride was Mia's Riding Adventure, even my husband who is a die-hard roller coaster fan screamed on this ride!! I do see how some would say this park is more for little ones, but there is truly something for everyone in the family. They have coasters, carousels, and even a little jeep safari ride. There are different "Lands" set up throughout the park with different themes. This was fun and enjoyable to explore.

They have a water park area, but because we visited in November, it was closed. We were able to see the Pirate's Cove Live Water Ski Show, and it was fun! The kids loved the dancing Lego men, and all the ski tricks they were doing on the water. The show was silly and entertaining. Don't sit in the splash zone unless you want to get wet!!

We decided to eat at the park, as there isn't much around in the area outside the park, and it was pretty much what you would expect to pay at a theme park for food. It was good and kept us going. There is a lot of construction for things coming soon, so that is something to look forward to in the future. After going and experiencing the park first hand, I do believe we have a few more years to enjoy this park with our children. I don't see them loving it as much when they are teens, but we will definitely return soon so they can enjoy it now!

Although I was given tickets for my family in return for my HONEST review, I aim to always give my thoughts, both negative and positive, in every experience.

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