Thursday, July 13, 2017

Guinness World Records Adventure and Ripley's Moving Theater 5D Gatlinburg Tennessee Review

Our next stop on our fun family trip was the Guinness World Records Adventure in Gatlinburg, Tennessee! If you haven't seen the review of the Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies, click here! My kids were so excited to try and attempt to break some records! They are open 365 days a year and have 100's of exhibits as well as over 20 interactive games and challenges. This was a fun way to burn off some extra energy for the kids, and my husband and I really enjoyed competing with each other on some of the games! In the beginning you create an avatar and it is linked to a special bracelet you wear and scan at each of the games and exhibits. Ours did not always work, but when it did it kept track of our record and score.

Here are some of our family's favorites:

My 8 year old daughter loved the Most Hula Hoops.

My 7 year old son loved the Lumberjack challenge and PacMan.

My husband and I enjoyed some of the "old school" challenges like the football "kick." And we both loved the PacMan as well.

I don't think this attraction would take a full day, an hour or 2 at the most, but we all loved getting out of the heat and getting some energy out! And as a mom to 2 rambunctious kids, that was a great bonus!! :)

Because it only took us about an hour and a half to go through this attraction, we decided to visit the Ripleys Moving Theater 5D the same day. 

We watched two short movies, lasting about 4-7 minutes each, in moving seats. It was like one of those ride simulators where you get strapped in and the seats move. The movies were a  Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote film, which was very jerky and both kids agreed it was not their favorite, and an Angry Birds film which the whole family enjoyed. The Angry Birds film and ride were way smoother and the kids enjoyed the "story" a lot more. It was a fun and quick break from walking in the heat in Gatlinburg. :)

Although I received tickets in exchange for a review, all of the thoughts and opinions are all my own and completely true!!

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