Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cute Hair Bow Holder Tutorial

Found this awesome tutorial on how to create a really cute hair bow holder on Hope you enjoy!! I will post pics of the one I create when I get around to it! This is perfect for all your bows or your little girl's.
{created by Nannygoat}:
I went to Goodwill on a mission:
To find the funkiest frame I could find...

Hello?!! FOUND IT!
A little glossy turquoise spray paint please.

Oh my goodness, I love those details.
Okay, this frame would look fabulous on anything but I have something particular in mind.

Flip the frame over and measure ribbon to stretch from top to bottom with a little extra and hot glue (I'd use a staple gun if your frame is made of wood) the ribbon, evenly spaced (mine are about 2 inches apart) to the top.
Then, when the glue is dry, glue it (or staple it) straight to the bottom of the frame. Let dry and finally, attach all of those little girly hair bows that are floating around your house
Seriously, so easy my friends.

WA LA, you have a "funky bow holder thingy".
It's like art with a purpose... I love multi-tasking!
Ooooh, I just had another idea...
Oh my goodness, I'm off to Goodwill, I need another funky frame quick!

Happy crafting!

;) Kathryn at nannygoat

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  1. Stopping by on the Free Hot Samples Hoppin Weekend. Love this project. Great idea.