Thursday, August 18, 2011

Natural Looking Sunless Tanner With Sun Labs!

I received a gift set from Sun Labs a few months ago to try out, and I have been using it off and on for those few months to really get a "feel" for the product so that I could give my honest opinion. 

I really enjoy using this product! First, you always want to exfoliate before you self tan, and this package comes with a great, minty smelling, exfoliator and loofah! Second, the actual self tanner smells like cherries! I didn't notice a "self tanner smell" until a few hours later, but it was a pretty typical smell, nothing worse than I have used before. I usually self tan at night and shower in the morning to remove any smell.  The self tanner is a very dark green/brown color when applying. I enjoyed this because I could always see where I missed or had too much product. It also dries pretty quickly, which is also good because you can get dressed relatively quick afterwords.

I really like the color I get from this self tanner. I don't feel orange, or oompah loompah looking! I feel like it is a very natural looking tan. I have very fair skin, almost porcelain, but not quite, and I used the dark, I think dark is good for anyone, it doesn't make you too dark or orange.  I also like the way this fades, no funny white patches or streaking when it fades.

I had only one problem area in all the times I used this product, over 8 times, and that was my ankle right above my foot. I didn't exfoliate the way I should have, and ended up with a patch of dark skin. So remember to always EXFOLIATE! :)

The lotion that comes with this set is good too, it helps your tan to last longer by moisturizing the skin. It is the only thing in the kit that I probably wouldn't repurchase, and that is because I feel it is just a good lotion, and I have my own favorite lotions that I apply to my skin after self tanning.
This set retails for $39.95 on their site, and it comes with a loofah and a tote bag.  Go here to look at the package deal.  I think I will probably just buy the self tanning product the next time, I still have exfoliator left over and plenty of lotion.

I really enjoy this product, and I hope you will too! 


  1. I am very Pale, and my daughter too, She likes to buy lotions that make you darker, even though we don't use them much. My main concern usually is having our hands tanned and getting streaks. How is this product applied and how do you ensure that there are no streaks and you get no orange hands?

    New follower from VB.

  2. True- You do apply this with your hands, so I would do my top half of my body and then was my hands and then do the bottom half and wash them again. Doing this, I really didn't have too much of a problem. The fact that it is tinted, really helps prevent streaking because you can see exactly where you put it.

  3. I love your blog! I can't wait to read more of it:) Tammy